Snails grilled pepper

Snail are parboiled for coal fire and left to roast, medium roast medium sauce made available remove spices such as pepper, garlic, MSG ... to see water boiling inside screws up, gulp down, to a plate lined fragrant laksa leaves. Such post baked snails are eating, slightly spicy, salty sweet medium, medium crispy, then that drank water carnivorous snails buucung great. Or fresh baked snails during baking to sauce, the spicy sour spice, baked until the crust slightly burnt smell of it more attractive, very crunchy when eaten.
At first glance the appearance, not unlike snails snail squint, but smaller, with blackish bark and ridges along the hull. Postal snail lives in the fields, ponds or small creeks in the West. Strabismus snail meat eating crunchy, sweet, low viscosity people here should be preferred over snail meat.
According to the experiences of people here, so just choose the larger postal snail thumb a little bit is okay. If too large snail, snail meat hard, viscous so much appetite, whereas too little snail mail, snail mail no sweetness. Snail caught on, soaked in water mixed with chili, rice water ... to release all slimy snails and mud, then rinse with clean water several times.
Snail mail is usually processed into many delicious dishes, the simplest is boiled ginger fish sauce, meat or fish sauce colorful buildings and warehouses with bacon, fried with chilli to eat with rice ... always bringing gifts to you the delicious taste indescribable. Besides, snail squint combined with green pepper and cooked over charcoal fire will give you a very exotic delicacies.
Screws strabismus washed and drained. Marinated with spices, seasoning salt and green pepper for about 15 minutes. Then the snails to blister and cooked on charcoal fire. Cooked grilled snails should only come, not overcooked as grilled snails snail meat hardens, losing sweetness. Eat while hot new real feel all its delicious taste. Chewy crunchy taste of snails with spicy green pepper spicy tingling in the tongue do not want to stop anyone enjoying hands when.