Salted fish hotpot

 Here is kind of distinctive pot synthesis of the West by many culinary elements to characterize the of Viet Nam. Basic materials right sauce (made juice), fresh fish (prey), vegetables (mulch, embedded). Regarding fish, has multiple types of fish to make fish sauce components like juice, catfish, perch ..... Of these, the most special and Thường are all cooks fish sauce is used at most flexibility. Been delicious sauce into a saucepan of water to boil to simmer for sweeteners, then de-boning, can and continue cooking stones. Finally bam is citronella, lemongrass cut into pieces, sugar, flour ... for the pot. This is a most important stage of hotpot sauce. Recent hot pot sauce like distributed load most types of bait contract "sharp" like a sweet fish, snakehead, basa, catfish, perch, truss, sesame, barbs, white, loaches, eels, snails, frogs, shrimp ...

Also am also the presence of the marine species richness contributes to hot pot fish like prawns, squid, octopus, anchovies ... Sometimes on chefs are "dropped" into the fresh beef hot pot, hot, three Roi pork, chicken, duck ... while other types like hot pot soup sour, sweet flavor categories have vegetables, mulch combined with the Property line of his own, like hot pot sauce then do not restricted Recent vegetables. Best is the vegetable garden vegetables and wild. There are 20 kinds of vegetables KE coal used to eat out west with the hot pot sauce from vegetables to market wild vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, sweet cabbage, tomato lungs, mushrooms, okra, bitter, overly vegetables, cabbage, spinach with garlic, spinach ship, chrysanthemum, daisy, mint, Cai Dum, luffa, pennywort ... much wild vegetables rich Group, is looking to pick vegetables in the wild like cotton hyacinth , anchored, vegetable labels, sprout grower, Don sprout, improve sun, wire bowl, vegetable younger, bitter herbs, vegetables, coconut, cotton, cork, as crabs, lilies, morning glory contract, subject Dum, cotton sticks. ..
Usually are somewhat hard to come by at a time full of vegetables on. But at the beginning of the rainy season or if the flood water out MD, a dry land, warm spring weather to wild vegetables If you garden, reproduces rich much. Want to eat hot pot sauce have more coal 20 herbs, 10 types of fish, but you remember Tho im possible to ask friends, relatives or search order before the source of vegetables, fish stocks. Also do not have nothing really hard by this những always produce fair and printed out with nature. In Can Tho in restaurants, bars normally have hot pot sauce tasty sẽ average price 150000-250000 dong / item. Most restaurants, cafes spacious and clean hay out along the Ninh Kieu wharf area Sand Beach, New Market and alcohol Khuong, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hoang Van Thu ... Phải affordable price. Traditional medicine and modern beige sẽ recommend us to eat more vegetables because vegetables has multiple fiber, vitamins, antibiotics ... Some vegetables and medicinal am also more những quarter, perhaps' treatment room, preventing many diseases. Particularly, copper fish out west to live in the wild environment nên see food is clean, fresh and delicious.
After the cruise the Mekong river region, taste the sauce pot synthesis 20 vegetables and a dozen types of fish would you many pleasant surprises and unforgettable!