First Name Can Tho First Name Can Tho

According to researcher Huynh Minh, in book collections past and present Tho survey published in 1966, two legends follows:
                 When no throne, Nam Nguyen Anh to go to other places in the Mekong River delta. One day the Princess fleet following the Hau River in the capital region of Zhenjiang (Tho old). Night just down the delegation also arrived thueyn river rivulet (Ben Ninh Kieu today). Midnight soup schools deserted, echoing many questions recitation, chanting, guitar sound, flute harmony together rhythmically. God whispered compliments about a charming river landscape and the river gave poetic name is Cam Thi Giang. 2 hours Cam Thi gradually spread in the population, and many say the camp into Tho. Name Tho hear or beautiful people in the region should be accepted and the Tho.Mot called Song For other legends that Can Tho River on both sides of the old days people need to plant a lot of vegetables and herbs. Boats carrying many vegetables need, herbs through the crowded trading from year to year. Maybe from that locals call this river is the river For Thom, camp later said Tho.
To 1876, when the French occupied rich districts, created a new particle, the Can Tho River name used to name the county Tho, then the Can Tho province. About two hours Tay, before writing this without a certain state official is calling Tho Tay Do (Western Capital). However, due to its favorable geographical position of transportation, commerce, industry and the military are in turng regional center Mekong Delta should ever Tho is considered the center of the region .
According to the article's ancient Tho Son Nam researchers published several periods in a row in 1994, the Can Tho report from February 1919, Nam Phong magazine has published travelogue series in men's A month period Pham Quynh . These are writers, journalists first visited in the north to the south. Articles one reads "Tho had a lovely looks beautiful, clean luster, very good name as the first western provinces (La Capitale de L'Ouest - Tay). The street wandering, built-up , the West and more traders, considered more beautiful place in Saigon. "
The main geographical circumstances, historical, economic, cultural, political, cultural, social, Can Tho has ever existed, developed over time, provide the basis for this nothing was said before that many people in many places are still often referred Can Tho and Tay Do.