Can Tho Bridge Walk

Pedestrian bridge is level III transport works, structural reinforced concrete bridge semi-permanent, bridge width 7,2m (5,8m sidewalk, ledges and rails 0,7mx2), construction cost nearly 50 billion.
Upper and lower labor requirements, system LED multi-color decorated as glowing in a corner of the Hau River at night.
Above the bridge, the construction company has also designed the lotus bloom in very familiar with the people of the Mekong River region.
From walking on the bridge, people also see charming riverside landscape and Can Tho bridge connects the two banks of the Hau River.
According to the investor's Project Management Unit construction investment of Can Tho City, the first walk bridge at Tay not only meet the needs of the people walking but it is also an ideal destination for tourists domestic and foreign tourism. In particular, the countdown to the moment tonight, Tay people will stand on the bridge on foot to see the fireworks display to welcome the new year.